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Please call Paramount: Make sure you're courteous, yet firm, with whomever you call

Kerry McCluggage,
Chmn. of Paramount

tel. 323-956-5076
fax: 323-862-1823

Frank Kelly,
Co-Pres. Domestic TV

tel. 323-956-4543
fax 323-862-1838

Joel Berman,
Co-Pres. Domestic TV

tel. 323-956-5773

Steve Goldman,
Exec. VP
tel. 323-956-5982

John Nogawski,
President - Distribution Domestic TV

tel. 323-956-8999
fax 323-862-3404

Michael Mischler,
Exec. VP - Mktg.

tel. 323-956-5516
fax 323-862-102

Bobbee Gabelmann,
Exec. VP Current Programming
tel. 323-956-5508
fax 323-862-0282
fax 323-862-1188

Richard Lindheim,
Exec. VP
tel. 323-956-5020

John Wentworth,
Exec VP Media Relations

tel. 323-956-5394
fax 323-862-3756

Trisha Cardoso,
Senior VP Advg., Promotions
tel. 323-956-5965
fax 323-862-3945

David LaFountaine,
Senior VP Advg. & Promotions
tel. 323-956-8533
fax 323-862-3945

Michelle Hunt,
Head of Media Relations
tel: (323) 956-8266
fax: (323) 862-1323

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Friends, the real predator is intolerance, hatred and bigotry - and it has led to tragedy too many times. Paramount rightfully pulled a show in 1998 that offended African-Americans ("The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer"), but is fine with Dr. Laura equating homosexuality with incest and pedophilia. Paramount needs to hear that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Americans deserve equal respect, not a double standard.


Please call and email Paramount now - flood their phone lines, and their email in-boxes, repeatedly - and tell them you are outraged that they would try to profit from homophobia by airing a talk show hosted by Dr. Laura.

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