Subject: Rabbinical Alliance Of America - Statement Regarding Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Date: 2000-07-14

Friday, July 7, 2000

Rabbinical Alliance Of America
Statement Regarding Dr. Laura Schlessinger

The Rabbinical Alliance of America unreservedly supports Paramount Television’s Media sponsorship of Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s popular message that is scheduled to begin in September 2000.

We see the viscous attacks on Dr. Schlessinger by pro-gay groups as lacking legitimacy. Dr. Schlessinger had repeatedly denied being anti-homosexual or trying to ferment intolerance of homosexuals, saying that some of her statements that “were made in a clinical context” were being deliberately misinterpreted by her critics. Dr. Schlessinger has correctly categorized the homosexual lifestyle as “deviant”. She has vigorously advocated therapies aimed at redirecting homosexuals toward achieving healthy heterosexual lifestyles.

Dr. Schlessinger is a prominent personality who speaks about moral and ethical issues on her call-in radio program. Her radio show is nationally syndicated to more than 450 stations and reaches an estimated 18,000,000 listeners.

It is our fervent hope that her message will reach an even larger audience. There are too few voices urging full restoration of our traditional family lifestyle values. Dr. Schlessinger deserves strong encouragement, not the groundless criticism of her moral viewpoint.

Abraham B. Hecht

Gershon Tannenbaum