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Protest Paramount
- March 21, 2000

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An Analysis of Laura Schlessinger's
Appearance on Larry King Live
May 3, 2000

[The links below are to video's of Dr. Laura's appearance - they are a bit large, between 200k and 600k.]

1. Dr. Laura says she never used the word "deviants" in referring to gays.

LARRY KING: You did call them deviants though?

DR. LAURA: Never, I have never called anyone a name

LARRY KING: That was a misquote?

DR. LAURA: You know, the problem that I have is that people who have a very emotionally packed point of view and an agenda unfortunately often misrepresent, misconstrue and frankly downright fib about what somebody with a different position has to say and I'm afraid I got caught in the crossfires of that.

Well, sorry doc, but on five separate occasions in the past year you used the word "deviant' to describe gays and lesbians. I guess, technically, she did say "deviant" in the and not "deviants." Kind of like the difference between calling me a pedophile, and pedophilic?

December 21, 1999 - "of course a society should discriminate. Of course it should. It should discriminate against certain behaviors. And man-on-man and woman-on-woman sexual activity is a deviant sexual orientation, and it does not promote any of the values set forth biblically."

November 23, 1999 - "they can't put up the Ten Commandments, but they can all read about endorsing an abnormal sexual, deviant behavior! Mind you, remember, I've not talked about human beings: I've talked about the sexual orientation."

August 12, 1999 - "This is not about civil rights, because I'd be the first one in front of that line, and I'm here to tell you that right now. I'd be the first one in the front of that line. But this is about taking a deviant behavior, a dysfunctional behavior, normalizing, sexualizing our kids."

June 22, 1999 - "since when is there a right for deviant sexual activity?"

June 9, 1999 - "Rights. RIGHTS! RIGHTS? For sexual deviant . . . sexual behavior there are now rights. That's what I'm worried about with the pedophilia and the bestiality and the sadomasochism and the cross-dressing. Is this all going to be 'rights' too, to deviant sexual behavior? It's deviant sexual behavior. Why does deviant sexual behavior get rights?"

2. Dr. Laura says doesn't know if being gay is a choice because "she's no expert."

LARRY KING: Do we know if it's a choice, do we really know that?....They didn't chose it, did they

DR. LAURA: You know I'm not the expert in that. [And with that, she refused to say anything more, saying there were others she could recommend to come on to talk about it.]

Not an expert? But Dr. Laura has repeatedly stated that homosexuality is a biological error. She also is advertising a book on her Web site home page that promotes the idea that gays can change their sexual orientation. Dr. Laura wrote the forward to that book. So, she has publicly told millions of Americans that gays are biological errors. And she is lending her name to a new book suggesting that gays can change, and hawking the book on her Web site, when she now publicly admits that she's no expert on sexual orientation? Is this a lie, or simply an admission of gross malfeasance?

3. Dr. Laura claims she's being persecuted because of her religion.

DR. LAURA: For the most part people understand the notion of free speech, and religious persecution...When somebody has strong profound religious beliefs that, that is a conviction which needs to be respected instead of misconstrued or misrepresented as hate speech.

But Dr. Laura has made quite clear that she is speaking as "Dr." Laura and not "Rabbi" Laura. In her clearest explanation to date of the controversy over her anti-gay comments, she said that her words were said in a "clinical context." Now, all of a sudden, one month later were to believe that she was never speaking in a clinical context at all - even though that's exactly what she said only a few weeks ago - but rather was speaking as an orthodox Jew. And even if we ignore the 180 degree turn in her alibi, was she also speaking as an orthodox Jew when she suggested that the "huge portion" of gay men are sexual predators - where is that in the ancient texts?

And even more importantly, since when has Dr. Laura been an advocate of religion being an absolute defense for a wrong position? On January 20, 2000, she blasted 850 religious leaders who endorsed a declaration supportive of gays and lesbians. Dr. Laura called these religious leaders "fringe, pseudo-clergy types," and "very radical, fringe calling-themselves-clergy-and-ought-not-to." Dr. Laura has made it clear that speaking in the name of religion does not exonerate you from public criticism, at least in her eyes, so why the double standard when she herself is criticized?

4. Dr. Laura claims that all she has ever said about homosexuality is that children are best served in a traditional home.

DR. LAURA: Children are best served by a mommy and a daddy in a traditional home, that is basically all I have stood for, the rest of this is, is some kind hallucination.

Not to belabor the point, but Dr. Laura has suggested that homosexuality is akin to pedophilia, bestiality, incest, biological errors, deviancy, ethnic cleansing and the destruction of civilization. Hell of a hallucination.

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