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Protest Paramount
- March 21, 2000

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NEWS from
May 7, 2000

Accuses Critics of "Search and Destroy" Mission, Fibbing
Flip-flops on Religious Defense

Dr. Laura Schlessinger today defended her use of the term 'biological error' to refer to gays and lesbians during an interview with FOX News, seemingly contradicting her comments on Larry King Live just three days ago in which she refused to answer a question about the origins of sexual orientation, telling King: "I'm not the expert."

Schlessinger also accused her gay detractors of being a "special interest" group whose mission is to "search and destroy anybody who disagrees with even any small part of the agenda."

Perhaps most interesting, Schlessinger seemed to flip-flop during the FOX interview on her rationale for calling gays biological errors. During her much-heralded 'apology' to the gay community on March 10 (which she retracted 5 days later), Schlessinger claimed her words were based in science: "Words that I have used in a clinical context have been perceived as judgement." (March 10, 2000, Dr. Laura's Web site.)

But on Larry King on May 3, Schlessinger changed her alibi to 'religious persecution,' arguing that her views should not be criticized because they are based on her religion. "For the most part people understand the notion of free speech, and religious persecution...When somebody has strong profound religious beliefs that, that is a conviction which needs to be respected instead of misconstrued or misrepresented as hate speech," she told Larry King.

But today on FOX, Schlessinger again changed her excuse, arguing that her expertise in biology - and seemingly not religion - is what leads her to calls gays and lesbians 'biological errors.' "Well my PhD is in phsyiology, so when I talk about biology, I'm talking about it from a bio-clinical point of view, and that is clearly, the biology of the system is heterosexual to produce babies," she told FOX News.

She went on to say that she has been "misrepresetnted, fibbed about, totally miscontrued so that you're [sic] look like the demon.

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