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Protest Paramount
- March 21, 2000

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  • Newsweek, March 12, 2000, "Dr. Laura, Talk Radio Celebrity"
  • Time Magazine, March 20, 2000, "Dr. Laura, Heal Thyself"
  • Entertainment Weekly, March 17, 2000, "A proposed Dr. Laura TV show outrages gay activists"
  • Associated Press, March 11, 2000
  • LA Times, March 11, 2000
  • People Magazine - March, 20 2000 - HEAT WAVES Radio Provocateur Dr. Laura Schlessinger Raises a Ruckus with Controversial Talk About Gays
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Criticism sends ‘Dr.' Laura into a tizzy," March 8, 2000
  • New York Daily News, "Gay groups turning up the heat on radio host Schlessinger," March 8, 2000
  • New York Post, March 7, 2000 "No one spared as radio shrink boils over"
  • New York Times, "Gay Groups Campaign Against Radio Hostīs Plan for a TV Show" March 6, 2000
  • San Francisco Chronicle, "Dr. Laura Talk Show Provokes Backlash," March 4, 2000
  • Channel 2000, "Gay Activists Step Up Dr. Laura Campaign," March 4, 2000
  • TVSPY.COM, March 3, 2000
  •, "Activists Go Online to Stop Dr. Laura," March 3, 2000
  • Los Angeles Times, "Site-ing Dr. Laura," March 2, 2000
  • USA Today, "Talk show host's TV spot sparks a protest site," March 2, 2000
  • CNN, March 2, 2000
  • Access Hollywood, March 2, 2000
  • Salon, "," March 1, 2000
  • BBC Radio, March 1, 2000
  • CNet Radio, March 1, 2000
  • Potomac Tech Wire, March 1, 2000
  • Southern Voice, "'Frasier' Producer Slams Paramount on Dr. Laura," Feb. 24, 2000
  • O'Reilly Factor, FOX News, Feb. 18, 2000
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9/20: Maple Leaf Foods (Canada)
"Maple Leaf Foods has pulled future advertising from the 'Dr. Laura' television show."

9/20: Lowes
"Lowe's wasn't ever a sponsor of the Dr. Laura show we just happen to have that time slot. We have requested to be moved to a different time slot so that we wouldn't be advertising during this time frame."

9/20: Roman Meal
"Our advertising was inadvertently placed either due to a change in programming running during that time or a change in the time of day that our ad was scheduled to run. We have notified the stations involved to discontinue airing the spot during the Dr. Laura show immediately. Our advertising will not appear during the Dr. Laura show for the remainder of the 2000 schedule or on any future schedules."

9/19: Medieval Times
"We had requested prior to the airing of the Dr. Laura show that our ads not be run during her show. After our spot ran we took the appropriate steps to ensure that this does not happen again."

9/19: Concord Insurance
"Concord Insurance Services is an equal opportunity employer, and as such, we promote diversity and tolerance. As a corporate citizen of our community, I can assure you that Concord has pulled all advertising from this program."

9/18: Slim-Fast
"We had intentionally stayed away from purchasing time on this program due to the controversial content. We were unaware of the inadvertent placement of our advertisement on the 'Dr. Laura' program. Our advertising agency has notified all affiliates that Slim-Fast does not intend to advertise on this program in the future."

9/18: Pacific Gas & Electric
"Our Customer Energy Management Department is currently running TV ads for the Comfort Home program, and one of the ads aired during the Dr. Laura show on Monday. PG&E did not choose to have the ad run at that time.... Due to responses such as yours, we have made sure that our ads will not be aired during Dr. Laura show. I would like to reassure you that PG&E does not in any way endorse the Dr. Laura show."

9/18: Ross Stores
"We develop schedules based on viewer statistics and do not intentionally support 'Dr. Laura' or any of her guests... We will not be advertising on this show."

9/15: Syberis
"We have requested that the station not place us during this program."

9/15: George Foreman Grill (Salton)
"I've instructed the agency currently buying our short form time that in the future, stipulations should be made to the stations to exclude the Dr. Laura program from our rotations."

9/15: Eckerd
"The advertising for the Eckerd HealthCare Discount Plan was placed in a 'stand-by' position which means that the networks aired the spot in any programming at their sole discretion, not at the direction of Eckerd Corporation or its advertising agency. We have notified all networks not to air Eckerd commercials during the 'Dr. Laura' show in the future."

9/15: CB Fleet
"There is no advertising planned in the next few days and as mentioned earlier, future advertising will be directed to other programming."

9/15: Texaco
"It is not our policy to purchase advertising time on controversial shows, such as the Dr. Laura Show. Our spot was placed on the show in a decision made solely by the television station as they overlooked our policy. That has been corrected and we are taking steps to ensure that this does not happen again."

9/14: Sears
"We have not authorized a media buy on Dr. Laura's TV show. If something has appeared this week, it was quite by accident and will be pulled as soon as possible. We will not be running any ads on her show in the future." Sears Spokesperson.

9/14: Unilever
"The commercial was run by our syndicator in a "make-good" effort and done without permission. Unilever did not ask or intend for our placements to be during this show." - Mr. Gould, Dir. of Corp. Comm.

9/14: America's Best Contact Lens & Eyeglasses
"[Schlessinger's television program is] inconsistent with our company's advertising guidelines."

9/14: Kaiser Permanente
"Kaiser Permanente adamantly opposes Dr. Laura Schlesinger's views on homosexuality," said KP media representative Lea Rubio. "Any further airing of KP ads on Schlesinger's show have been cancelled, effective Tuesday, September 12."

9/13: Brentwood Volvo
"This is in response to the great deal of complaints that we have received in the last few days. Please let all your supporters know that the ad was run by mistake and that Brentwood Volvo Ltd. does not necessarily embrace the views of Dr. Laura. Also note that the ad has been pulled from that time slot and will resume running in the time frame in which we intended. We apologize for any misunderstandings."

9/13: Luxor Las Vegas
"Our television schedules were placed by a media company on our behalf through our advertising agency. They were bought as part of a broad rotating schedule where only day parts are specified. We had no prior knowledge that our spot would air specifically during the Dr. Laura Show. As soon as we learned of this placement, our agency immediately issued an order to stop our ads from running in that particular show in the future. Let me further emphasize our earlier discussion that Luxor Las Vegas does not condone in any way disrimination on any basis."

9/13: Stonestreet Capital
"We were not aware of the controversy with this particular show. We have informed our media buying agency to stop all advertising on the Dr. Laura program. After this week, no further ads will appear." - Frank Lowry, Stonestreet Capital

9/13: Conair
Conair VP Frank Lindsey: "Conair effective this Friday, Sept 15 has pulled all advertising on the Dr. Laura Schlessinger show from this time forward."

9/13: GEICO pulls Laura ads, again
"Our media placement specialist has contacted Paramount twice and we remain emphatic that the GEICO spots should not be running during her national show. We didn't ask for the spots, we wouldn't pay for the spots."

9/13: Brink's

9/12: IHOP
"Which shows IHOP advertising appears in is at the choice of the television stations, unless we make a specific request to avoid a show. We have told the stations to avoid this show because IHOP chooses not to advertise on shows that generate controversy."

9/12: Jacoby & Meyers (LA)
"Jacoby & Meyers VP Mindy Gandin said she asked her buyer to ensure that the company's ads do not air during future episodes of 'Dr. Laura.' 'My daughter is gay, and I'm just as upset as anyone that our ads ran during 'Dr. Laura,' 'Gandin said." - Variety.

9/12: Closet World (LA)

9/12: Int'l House of Pancakes

9/12: Kimberly-Clark/Scott TP (NY)
"Kimberly-Clark Corporation did not purchase advertising time during the 'Dr. Laura' television program. The commercial was run in error and we have asked the network not to air our commercial during the program again. We have no plans to purchase advertising time during 'Dr. Laura.'"

9/12: Starpower Internet (Baltimore)
"We apologize for the presumption that StarPower is affiliated in any way to Dr. Laura Schlessinger. We have been listed in error as an advertiser to that program. It is a mistake that is being addressed immediately by management."

9/12: Long John Silver's (Dallas)
"Long John Silver's has not sponsored or purchased commercials in the Dr. Laura program in any market. This program was identified by our company in planning as a show to avoid due to it's controversial topics. We have taken recent actions with stations that have rotated Long John Silver's commercials in this program without authorization to make clear our position."

9/12: Verizon
"Apparently some local stations recently ran Verizon ads within or adjacent to the program. However, this was done without our authorization and violates our agreement with the stations. Since we did not authorize them, we will not pay for any ads that ran in Dr. Laura's program, and stations that violate our agreement lose future advertising revenue for the product involved."

9/12: John Corzine for Senate (NJ)
"Schlessinger's views are completely inconsistent with Jon's core beliefs -- he finds them divisive and repugnant," says Corzine spokesman Tom Shea, according to the NY Post.

9/12: Rubenstein & Rynecki
"We don't feel it's appropriate for a law firm [Rubenstein & Rynecki] to advertise on a show that's controversial -- and we've received phone calls criticizing us for advertising."

9/11: Bally Total Fitness
"Bally Total Fitness' advertising aired on the program in question as a part of a station-wide, non program-specific media buy. We have no intention to advertise on this program in the future."


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