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- March 21, 2000

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  • Newsweek, March 12, 2000, "Dr. Laura, Talk Radio Celebrity"
  • Time Magazine, March 20, 2000, "Dr. Laura, Heal Thyself"
  • Entertainment Weekly, March 17, 2000, "A proposed Dr. Laura TV show outrages gay activists"
  • Associated Press, March 11, 2000
  • LA Times, March 11, 2000
  • People Magazine - March, 20 2000 - HEAT WAVES Radio Provocateur Dr. Laura Schlessinger Raises a Ruckus with Controversial Talk About Gays
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Criticism sends ‘Dr.' Laura into a tizzy," March 8, 2000
  • New York Daily News, "Gay groups turning up the heat on radio host Schlessinger," March 8, 2000
  • New York Post, March 7, 2000 "No one spared as radio shrink boils over"
  • New York Times, "Gay Groups Campaign Against Radio Host´s Plan for a TV Show" March 6, 2000
  • San Francisco Chronicle, "Dr. Laura Talk Show Provokes Backlash," March 4, 2000
  • Channel 2000, "Gay Activists Step Up Dr. Laura Campaign," March 4, 2000
  • TVSPY.COM, March 3, 2000
  •, "Activists Go Online to Stop Dr. Laura," March 3, 2000
  • Los Angeles Times, "Site-ing Dr. Laura," March 2, 2000
  • USA Today, "Talk show host's TV spot sparks a protest site," March 2, 2000
  • CNN, March 2, 2000
  • Access Hollywood, March 2, 2000
  • Salon, "," March 1, 2000
  • BBC Radio, March 1, 2000
  • CNet Radio, March 1, 2000
  • Potomac Tech Wire, March 1, 2000
  • Southern Voice, "'Frasier' Producer Slams Paramount on Dr. Laura," Feb. 24, 2000
  • O'Reilly Factor, FOX News, Feb. 18, 2000
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9/13: Brentwood Volvo, Luxor Las Vegas drop Laura
Brentwood Volvo and the Luxor luxury hotel and resort in Las Vegas are the latest two to drop Schlessinger's TV show.

9/13: Stonestreet Capital Drops Laura
"We were not aware of the controversy with this particular show. We have informed our media buying agency to stop all advertising on the Dr. Laura program. After this week, no further ads will appear." - Frank Lowry, Stonestreet Capital.

9/13: Conair drops Laura, and GEICO again!
Conair has dropped its advertising on the Dr. Laura TV show. GEICO, which earlier had dropped Schlessinger's radio show, found itself again advertising on her TV show, even though it had never requested that its ads run, and apparently after it had already asked Paramount twice to specifically not run the company's ads on the controversial TV show.

9/13: Senate Candidate, Law Firm, Drop Laura
NJ Democratic candidate to the US Senate, John Corzine, and the law firm of Rubenstein & Rynecki, have both pulled ads that mistakenly ran on the Dr. Laura TV show.

9/13: EXTRA: Brink's, Jacoby & Meyers, Closet World Drop Laura
Brink's Home Security Senior VP of Marketing Dwayne Sigler told today that the company's ads running on the Dr. Laura's TV show have been pulled, and that there will be no more. Jacoby & Meyers law firm and Closet World also dropped their advertising on the Laura show, after ads ran earlier this week, according to today's Variety.

9/13: LA Times: Laura's TV Ratings Dismal
"Controversy didn't translate into big ratings for the premiere of 'Dr. Laura,' the syndicated talk show hosted by radio personality Laura Schlessinger that has spurred protests due to past statements by the host regarding homosexuality. 'Dr. Laura' attracted just 2% of homes Monday in 46 major cities accounting for more than half the U.S. population, based on data from Nielsen Media Research. That rating is below the average for programs leading into the show in those markets as well as what the same stations averaged in the time slot a year ago..." Read the entire LA Times article here.

9/12: EXTRA: Long John Silver's, IHOP pull Laura Ads
Long John Silver's restaurant chain and the International House of Pancakes have directed stations to no longer run their ads on the Dr. Laura TV show today after their ads did in fact run.

9/12:EXTRA: Verizon, Starpower, Kimberly-Clark Drop Laura TV
In the first 24 hours since Dr. Laura's TV show aired, Verizon Online DSL, Starpower Internet, and Kimberly-Clark (maker of Scott-brank Toilet Paper), have all pulled their advertising from Dr. Laura's TV show. Verizon, whose ads mistakenly ran on the show, went so far as to drop all of its advertising with any TV or radio station that aired their commercials during Schlessinger's show.

9/12: NYT: Laura's TV Show Already in Trouble
"The premiere episode of the Dr. Laura Schlessinger syndicated television series, which ran across the country yesterday, clearly suffered from a summer's worth of protests by gay and lesbian activists as well-known advertisers mostly shunned the show..." Read the rest of this excellent New York Times story here - free registration required.

9/11: BREAKING NEWS: Bally Total Fitness Drops Laura TV Show
Bally Total Fitness - the largest nationwide, commercial operator of fitness centers - today became the first TV advertiser to drop Dr. Laura's TV show after having actually run an ad on it. Bally VP of Public Relations Dave Southern told that they had no intention of running today's advertisement, and that Bally was immediately requesting that the ad be pulled from all future Dr. Laura TV programming. Please see the column at right for an extensive list of Schlessinger's TV advertisers.

9/11: Hundreds Protest Laura in St. Louis
"More than 200 gathered Sunday to protest the anti-homosexual remarks of a religious talk show host on the eve of her national debut. The group of gays, lesbians, civic activists, and church members rallied against Dr.Laura Schlessinger across the street from KTVI (Channel 2)... The candlelight vigil was part of a campaign of protests in cities across the country this week." St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sept. 11, 2000.

9/4: National Protests Heating Up's "National Days of Protest" are picking up steam, with protests being organized across the country to coincide with the launch of Paramount's "Dr. Laura" TV show on September 11. Please scroll halfway down this page, and look in the left-hand column for information about your city.

8/31: Albertson's Drops Laura!
"Albertson's is committed to embracing diversity in its many forms... Once we learned that we were inadvertently advertising on the Dr. Laura Show, we directed the media buying service to pull our advertising from this program."

8/30: Breaking News: Econo Lodge Dumps Laura
This just in: has learned that within one day of placing Econo Lodge on our Web site, the company has discontinued its advertising with Laura Schlessinger.

8/29: Paramount's Double-Standard
When the Dallas NAACP head attacked Sen. Lieberman's Jewish faith, and was forced to resign, no one jumped up to defend his bigoted words as "free speech," Michael Musto writes in the Village Voice. "I bet [Paramount] wouldn't give that NAACP guy a talk show on which to spew his poisonous views on a daily basis. Well, come on, Paramount, show your balls and do it! Grace your fall syndication lineup with The Jews Are Money-Grubbers Show and don't back down in the wake of all the inevitable protests. Only then will I believe you're an equal-opportunity offender whose commitment to freedom of speech is worthy of serious consideration."

Related item: Louis Farrakhan
Louis Farrakhan also recently attacked Sen. Lieberman for being Jewish, and no one cried "free speech" to defend his bigotry either. Perhaps it's only free speech when you bash gays, eh Paramount?

8/23: Motel 6 and RadioShack Dump Laura
Within one day of posting their contact information on the Web site, Motel 6 and RadioShack have dropped their future advertising on Laura Schlessinger's radio show, has learned.

8/22: What is Laura Afraid Of? this weekend received an email from Premiere Radio Networks, Laura's syndicator, demanding that we remove the recent soundbites of Laura defending her "biological error" comment from our Web site. In the soundbite, Laura again calls homosexuality an "error" in biology, so we can understand why her boss might not be too thrilled about us giving her "clarification" more coverage. Funny though: Seems the only one censoring Laura is her own boss.

8/16: Laura Say Homosexuality is "Error," Again
On yesterday's show, Laura Schlessinger again reiterated that homosexuality is a biological error. She then defended herself by saying her views on homosexuality were the same as those of Gore, Lieberman, Bush, and Cheney - not mentioning whether they too say that a "huge portion" of gay men are predatory on young boys...

8/15: Laura's TV Taping Goes Badley
A reporter attends a Laura TV taping - it doesn't go well: "...Dr. Laura served as ringmaster over a terribly clinical discussion that grew increasingly pedantic. Protesters needn't worry -- judging by what we saw, the only thing her show will inspire viewers to do is nod off. But Dr. Laura's intolerance seems to be in tact. She appears adamantly incapable of understanding why anyone would want to do anything besides toe the straight and narrow, though there exists a batch of photos that suggests she once was capable of straying herself..." Read the entire story here.

8/15: on Laura
Lilith, the independent Jewish women's magazine, has published a scathing piece about Laura Schlessinger. Excerpt: "First she tells us that homosexuals and singles make worse parents than heterosexual couples. Then she suggests that 'older, harder-to-place children' should be sent off to these parents. As if the people Schlessinger deems imperfect parents and the children Schlessinger deems imperfect deserve one another." Read the entire story here online.

8/11: Natrol Dumps Laura
Natrol has announced that it will no longer advertise on Laura Schlessinger's radio show. Natrol was the target of Schlessinger's very first "call to action" on her Web site to generate grassroots support for her sponsors, and Schlessinger's boss at Premiere Radio Networks, Kraig Kitchin, is also on Natrol's board. In spite of that, the company has now announced that "The current environment surrounding this program does not suit the personality of our company and what we wish to accomplish as a responsible corporate citizen."

8/10: Priceline & Red Lobster Dump Laura
Internet giant is the latest company to pull its advertising from Laura Schlessinger's radio show in the face of complaints that the controversial talk show host is anti-gay. Seafood restaurant chain Red Lobster also revealed to today that it has ceased advertising on the Dr. Laura radio show as a result of consumer complaints.

8/7: Gateway & Kroger's-Texas Dump Laura
Computer giant Gateway has confirmed to that it is the latest company to pull its advertising from Laura Schlessinger's radio show because of her "discriminatory" content. also revealed this week that Kroger's stores in Texas have also dropped their "Dr. Laura" radio advertising, in response to complaints.

8/2: EchoStar Dumps Laura
EchoStar, owner of the DISH Network, yesterday pulled all its advertising from the "Dr. Laura" radio show, has learned. EchoStar had been cited by Schlessinger's radio syndication company, Premiere, as one of three loyal holdouts supporting the show in the face of a growing hemorrhage of advertisers leaving the show. Yet in just the last week, two of those three advertisers (Sears and EchoStar) have now dropped Schlessinger. "As an equal opportunity employer, EchoStar's corporate culture does not reflect or support Dr. Laura's views," EchoStar said in a prepared statement.

8/2: Ohio State Lottery Dumps Laura
In response to protests and complaints from Cincinnati Stop Dr. Laura, the Ohio State Lottery told the city's chapter Wednesday that the lottery would no longer air commercials on Laura Schlessinger's radio program in that city."The Dr. Laura show is a red flag program on WKRC that we do not advertise on," said Sandy Lesko-Mounts, head of Media Relations for the lottery.

8/1: Sears Dumps Laura Advertising
Sears confirmed to today that it "will no longer advertiser on the Dr. Laura show as a result of recent comments." Sears' Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Associates (GLAS) representative Jeff Hamm told in an interview this morning that the retail giant has severed its ties to Laura Schlessinger as a result of her anti-gay rhetoric.

7/31: 300 March in Twin Cities
"About 300 people rallied outside KARE-TV studios to protest the station's decision to air Dr. Laura Schlessinger's upcoming television show... `This sort of message, which is about so many things, but in particular about homophobia, continues to foster the kind of behavior that allows hate crimes,' said Tom Kane, a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota's Department of Outreach and Advocacy..." - Associated Press, 7/31/00

7/27: on StopDrLaura, Gay Market
"If the gay and lesbian community can thank Dr. Laura Schlessinger for anything, it might be that the outspoken radio personality has shown how important the gay and lesbian market is to corporate America... That such mainstream companies are so concerned about losing the gay and lesbian market is proof of the community’s value to advertisers, say industry watchers... A recent study by Harris Interactive and Witeck Combs Communications found that 74 percent of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender consumers polled said they would be less likely to buy a product from a company if they advertised on a program that expressed negative views of gays and lesbians, while only 42 percent of heterosexuals shared that view." -, July 26, 2000.

7/26: HateWatch: Laura Thanks Extremist Group called today on Schlessinger and to repudiate the support of the Rabbinical Alliance, an organization that, according to HateWatch, has espoused anti-gay bigotry in the teaching of Holocaust history and whose head at one time supported "a religious justification" for murder. While Schlessinger removed the group's letter of support from her home page, she is now expressing her "gratitude" to the group and has not specifically repudiated their views on the Holocaust or murder, HateWatch says. HateWatch is calling on Schlessinger and Priceline (whose ad appeared next to the Alliance's letter) to repudiate the organization and its views. Read HateWatch's press release.

7/25: Laura Backer Hit as Anti-gay Extremist
Schlessinger is using her Web site to showcase a letter of support from the Rabbinical Alliance of America, the leader of which, according to today's New York Daily News, was banned from Israel for 2 years after suggesting that it was ok to kill Israeli leaders who traded land for peace, only months before Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. The Rabbinical Alliance also testified before Congress in 1997 that it would boycott the US Holocaust Museum because it included information about gay victims of the Holocaust. Check out the letter on Schlessinger's Web site, and also an earlier version that included a banner ad for

7/25: LA Times Skewers Laura
"Schlessinger, who has been criticized by some Jewish groups that don't see a religious foundation for her views, also looks a little desperate posting the 'call' next to a letter of support from something called Rabbinical Alliance of America. According to published reports, at least one leader of the group has been associated with interpretations of the Bible that many might consider extreme, among them one offering religious justification for killing Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was later assassinated." Read this whole article, it's fantastic. LA Times, July 25, 2000.

7/25: 'American Prospect' Supports Gays' Right to Boycott
"The only real power that gay groups are asserting over Procter & Gamble is gay wallets, which is to say gay buying power... [it's a] simple expression of market economics: We are going to make you pick, they are saying to Procter & Gamble, between the Jif-buying dollars of gays and the Jif-buying dollars of Dr. Laura enthusiasts. Take it or leave it. It's precisely the kind of laissez-faire, free market solution conservatives have often favored. And to call it 'Gay McCarthyism' implies their own tactics amount to, well, Straight McCarthyism." - American Prospect, July 31, 2000.

7/24: Laura Compares Self to Pope
In a great New York Times business article, Schlessinger, an orthodox Jew, compares herself to the Pope, saying "I don't see, do you?" The NYT reveals in the piece that 10% of Schlessinger's national advertisers have left her radio show as a result of the movement, and that Kraft and General Foods are included in that list. Read the entire article here. (Free registration required).

7/21: Bio Errors to Attend Laura's TV Show
"Laura Schlessinger's new Paramount-distributed daytime television talk show is advertising for audiences to attend tapings, and her critics are eagerly answering the call. An e-mail message sent out by the group lists the toll-free number, as posted on Schlessinger's Web site, to get 'VIP tickets,' and calls on advocates opposed to the talk-show host in the Los Angeles area to 'get your own free tickets and pay a visit to the 'doctor' in person.'" - LA Times. For Free VIP Tickets to see a taping of Dr. Laura’s New Television Show, Dr. Laura, Call Toll Free: 888-730-4740.

7/20: Laura Desperate to Save Advertisers
Schlessinger posted a "Call to Action" on her Web site today, urging fans to help save her advertisers, who are fleeing her radio and TV shows. She says on the site: "for the first time in this program's six-year history, I am making a point of directing your attention to who these sponsors are. I am encouraging - no, insisting - if you value our relationship as much as I do - that you support these loyal sponsors". Read Schlessinger's plea here.

7/20: BREAKING NEWS: Bank Drops Laura
Minnesota-based TCF Bank has notified that, effective immediately, it will no longer run advertisements on the Chicago broadcast of the "Dr. Laura" radio show, following complaints from Chicagoans about Schlessinger's anti-gay rhetoric.

7/20: Laura in the "Doghouse"
bad, a new Web site from Oxygen Media to help women "make a difference," has put Laura Schlessinger in its "Doghouse" for her anti-gay rhetoric. According to BeFearless, the Doghouse is for "someone out there who is not lifting us up, but instead is bringing us down." Check out BeFearless' great story here.

7/19: Laura Show in Critical Condition?
From an article entitled "Dr. Laura: Is Her TV Show Already in Critical Condition?": "With a little more than a month to go before debuting her new television show, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has missed one of her most important scheduled appearances. Schlessinger... cited a 'conflict with a prior charity commitment' as the official reason for missing the event. Industry insiders, however, believe she was avoiding the Television Critics Association appearance because of an almost certain chilly reception from activist groups." -

7/14: EXTRA - SkyTel: No More Laura Ads
SkyTel has notified that after having been "inundated" with complaints about their advertisments on the "Dr. Laura" radio show, they will no longer be advertising on "talk radio," including Schlessinger's radio show.

7/10: Media Abuzz as Laura "Chickens Out"
From the Washington Post to the Deseret News, today's papers were abuzz with the news that Schlessinger "chickened out" and looked "like a coward" (the Deseret News' words) by canceling an appearance at the annual Television Critics Association summer press tour in Pasadena, CA last Friday. Read the Post story here.

7/10: Human Rights Campaign Blasts Laura
"Those of us opposed to Schlessinger simply are informing Paramount and potential advertisers that sponsoring the proposed show -- while it is their right -- will alienate and disenfranchise millions of Americans... Paramount must remember history teaches us that when people are called 'biological errors,' there is a tendency for bigots to try to erase them." - Human Rights Campaign op-ed in the Miami Herald, read the entire article here.

7/9: Paramount Afraid to Promote Laura?
Paramount reportedly canceled Schlessinger's previously-announced July 7th press conference with the nation's television critics at their summer meeting in Los Angeles, according to the Toledo Blade. If they're so proud of their decision to promote Schlessinger, and so unfazed by all the bad publicity, then why are they hiding?

7/8: Laura Web Site Promotes Anti-gay Activists
Under the guise of making the world "a safer place for the children," Schlessinger's home page today is promoting an anti-gay activist Web site that links sexual orientation and pedophilia. Schlessinger says the organization is "a highly informative, educational, inspiring family defense organization." Is this the kind of highly informative programming Paramount will be putting on TV this fall?

In a statement just obtained by, insurance giant GEICO has decided to stop further advertising with Laura Schlessinger, after complaints from gay and lesbian consumers about Schlessinger's anti-gay rhetoric. GEICO's statement said, in part: "We have decided we will not continue our advertising on the "Dr. Laura" radio program effective July 1. GEICO is an equal opportunity employer and does not condone discrimination of any type directed toward any minority." Read the AP story.

7/5: Laura Loses "Free Speech" Allies
Schlessinger's religious right allies this week embraced efforts to have advertisers dump TV shows they find offensive. Specifically, they say they got Procter & Gamble to stop advertising on two MTV TV shows. It would be the height of hypocrisy for them to say that their own tactics, when used against Schlessinger, are a wrongful infringement on "free speech."

6/29: An X-Files Conspiracy Against Laura?
(Click here before reading this) After a day spent meeting with Congress' senior Republican leadership, Schlessinger told the Washington Post that her anti-gay views were "misquoted and misrepresented and distorted by the media... It seems very conspiratorial, if you want to get 'X-Files' about it."

6/25: Laura to Use TV Show for Lobbying?
Schlessinger appeared to tell TIME that she will use her upcoming TV show to lobby Congress: "...ultimately it will be a call to action. So at the end of each show, we will tell people what they can do, what Senator to write, how they can make things change." If Paramount is spending millions on a show that will involve lobbying Congress, are they complying with federal lobbying disclosure laws? - TIME, 6/25/00.

6/25: Laura Defends Bio Error, Accuses Gays of Lying
" 'Not being able to relate normally to a member of the opposite sex is some kind of error,' [Schlessinger] says. 'I do not see that as insulting at all. It is a statement of biological fact.' ... 'I regret that my words were taken out of context, distorted and lied about so people were hurt from the lies,' she says." - NY Post, 6/25/00.

6/24: Laura To Brief Republican Leaders
Definitive proof that Laura Schlessinger is not just an entertainer, but also a conservative political activists, she will be briefing senior Republican Members of Congress next Wednesday, June 28 (see Republican announcement, left). In addition to the Republican "Wednesday Group," she will be meeting with Senate Leader Trent Lott, and House Leaders Dick Armey, Tom DeLay, and the House "Conservative Action Team."

6/19: P&G Reaffirms Decision to Dump Laura
"While she has every right to assert her views on all subjects in the context of her show, we have an equal right as an advertiser to place our commercials in less polarizing environments." - P&G on Schlessinger, Hollywood Reporter, June 19, 2000.

6/16: PR Panic at Paramount Over Laura
"Speaking of PR panic, Paramount has hastily withdrawn Dr. Laura Schlessinger and her new TV show from a scheduled panel with TV critics at the annual press tour next month in Pasadena. Schlessinger, whose program debuts in September, has drawn protests for her anti-gay remarks and several major advertisers have dropped her TV and radio shows. Paramount did not return phone calls. Bad Paramount! Naughty doctor! Is this how your families raised you?" - Seattle Times, 6/16/00.

6/16: TV Stations Leery of Laura
"T.J. Laffan, promo producer for WICU in Erie, Penn., offered one of the more negative reactions. 'This presentation does not raise confidence in me. I'm not sure, based on the promos, this show will actually make it to launch,' Laffan said. `The protests are of great concern to me. If my vote has any weight at the station, we will not air it.' " - Variety, 6/16/00.

6/15: Southern Baptists Support Laura... Kind Of
The Southern Baptists' Annual Convention voted to send a letter commending Laura for her opposition to homosexuality, according to the Chicago Tribune. Unfortunately for Laura, who is Jewish, her good friends also voted in favor of a statement "declaring that only Christians will be saved by God." Oops.

6/12: Largest Gay Group Weighs in on Laura
"Companies look at the derogatory comments [Schlessinger] and her cohorts, such as Knight and Buchanan, have made and are concerned about associating their brand names and reputations with language that could lead to discrimination or violence against gay and lesbian people." - Human Rights Campaign press release, 6/12/00.

6/5: KCBS-TV Writer Walks Over Laura
A writer covering Las Vegas travel for the Web site of Los Angeles CBS affiliate KCBS-TV is severing his relationship with the station over their announced intent to air the Dr. Laura TV show this fall. Read more.

6/2: Jewish Leader Criticizes Laura
Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Boteach writes in The Jewish Week: "Dr. Laura’s pronouncements of homosexuality as 'deviant' and derivative of 'biological error' are unjust... Dr. Laura’s comments are misguided precisely because they reinforce an erroneous view of homosexuality in the Bible and reflect more of her personal opinion on this issue than that of traditional religion in whose voice she claims to speak." Read more.

6/2: Laura Freaks Out Over Interview
The St. Petersburg Times reports that Laura Schlessinger abruptly canceled a TV interview, moments before it was to air, when the interviewers were overheard criticizing her upcoming TV show. The TV station, WFTS-Ch.28, ironically intends to run Schlessinger's TV show this fall. This comes amidst news that Schlessinger is refusing interviews that address the controversy. Read more.

5/31: Laura Censors Interviews
MSNBC reports that Laura Schlessinger is not agreeing be interviewed unless the interviewers promise not to ask her certain questions about the uproar over her anti-gay comments. Reportedly, she's even devised a sneaky signal to cut interviews off mid-sentence, tapping her ear-piece and claiming technical difficulties as the camera mysteriously cuts off. What are she and Paramount trying to hide? Read more.

5/26: Laura Kills Syndicated Column
Schlessinger is dropping her nationally syndicated newspaper column. She claims she wants to focus on her upcoming TV show, but just recently the conservative Orange County Register dropped her column over concerns about her "social" commentary and the "quality of her work." Is she trying to save face?

5/24: Amex and AT&T Avoiding Laura
"AT&T and American Express are likely to become the next major corporations to pass on advertising on Paramount's upcoming 'Dr. Laura' TV show." - Variety, 5/24/00.

5/24: Ads Warn Potential Advertisers to Stay Away
A coalition of national organizations launch $200,000 of newspaper ads in the LA Times, New York Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter and Ad Age, warning potential Laura advertisers to stay away.

5/22: Laura's Ratings Drop
"The Dr. Laura show, which has been on WABC for about three years, has not been doing well in the ratings, Boyce said. Her most recent audience share for listeners age 12 and up was 2.0, down from her usual 2.6..." - Newsday, 5/22/00

5/22: P&G Decision 'Hurdle for the TV Program'
"The decision by Procter & Gamble, the nation's second-largest advertiser, is a hurdle for the TV program to overcome because many advertisers 'would not go below the standards' of a marketing giant like P.& G." - New York Times, 5/22/00

5/21: P&G Decision to Drop Laura Carries Clout
"Procter & Gamble is a cautious advertiser. And as one of the country's largest, it has a lot of clout. So when it does something drastic with its advertising dollars, other companies pay attention. That's the power of a $2 billion-plus annual advertising budget. But even more so, P&G is a smart advertiser." - Chicago Tribune on P&G, 5/21/00

5/17: United Dumps Laura
"We were not aware of the advertisement for the Dr. Laura radio program... we requested that 'Hemispheres' accept no other ads for the program and we have received assurances that no further ads will appear." - United statement.

5/15: Procter & Gamble Dumps Laura
"We've decided not to sponsor the Dr. Laura show... We've chosen not to be involved with a show that will require time and resources to deal with this kind of controversy... it isn't possible to separate the broad range of Dr. Laura's opinions from the specific focus of this program. Stepping back, today there are lots of programming options and we've decided there are better ones for us." - P&G statement.
- Hollywood Reporter, 5/18/00
- New York Post, 5/17/00
- Hollywood Reporter, 5/16/00
- Reuters, 5/16/00
- E! Online, 5/16/00
-, 5/16/00

5/9: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council blasts Laura. Download their 25-page decision here. Read our one-page excerpt, and view the Canadian press release here.

5/9: Laura attacks gays in new book. She refers to 'sexual deviancy,' the gay 'agenda' and 'lifestyle', and implies gays aren't 'normal' or 'healthy.' Click here to read more.

5/7: OC REGISTER DUMPS LAURA because of her 'social' commentary and the 'quality of her work.'

- LAURA DEFENDS 'BIO ERROR': On FOX News Sunday, Laura defends use of 'biological error', saying it is based on her PhD in biology, contradicting her religious defense of only 4 days ago. Says gays have "search and destroy...agenda." Read our response to her ever-changing defense.

- LAURA ON LARRY KING: See Laura say she's 'not the expert' on sexual orientation, she's never called gays deviants, she's being attacked for her religion, and she's never said anything wrong. Then read our response to her - creative - answers.

5/3: SHE'S BACK: Dr. Laura targets gays again, promotes book 'healing homosexuality' on Web site.

- Laura cancels 5/3 NY book signing in face of protests!

Click here to see video of Julia Louis-Dreyfus blasting Dr. L on 'Access Hollywood,' 4/20/00 (340k file).

- EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Laura's 1st taping a bomb! Read it here.

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