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- March 21, 2000

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  • Newsweek, March 12, 2000, "Dr. Laura, Talk Radio Celebrity"
  • Time Magazine, March 20, 2000, "Dr. Laura, Heal Thyself"
  • Entertainment Weekly, March 17, 2000, "A proposed Dr. Laura TV show outrages gay activists"
  • Associated Press, March 11, 2000
  • LA Times, March 11, 2000
  • People Magazine - March, 20 2000 - HEAT WAVES Radio Provocateur Dr. Laura Schlessinger Raises a Ruckus with Controversial Talk About Gays
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Criticism sends ‘Dr.' Laura into a tizzy," March 8, 2000
  • New York Daily News, "Gay groups turning up the heat on radio host Schlessinger," March 8, 2000
  • New York Post, March 7, 2000 "No one spared as radio shrink boils over"
  • New York Times, "Gay Groups Campaign Against Radio Host´s Plan for a TV Show" March 6, 2000
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  •, "Activists Go Online to Stop Dr. Laura," March 3, 2000
  • Los Angeles Times, "Site-ing Dr. Laura," March 2, 2000
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  • Potomac Tech Wire, March 1, 2000
  • Southern Voice, "'Frasier' Producer Slams Paramount on Dr. Laura," Feb. 24, 2000
  • O'Reilly Factor, FOX News, Feb. 18, 2000
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March 22, 2000


Robert Knight of the Family Research Council - a religious right group that Laura Schlessinger relies on for much of her gay-related "science" - recently equated homosexuality with bestiality and pedophilia. His quote, below, is followed by Ms. Schlessinger admitting her esteem for FRC's information.

ROBERT KNIGHT, FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL: "Once you take sex outside marriage and you say there are no longer any barriers, you are going to get bestiality and pedophilia... We have seen efforts recently to lower the age of consent for sexuality all over the world. In Britain, most prominently by homosexual activist groups. We've seen two major women's magazines feature ads with women and dogs interacting sexually...The gates really are wide open..." (Hannity & Colmes - FOX, Mar. 21, 2000)

DR LAURA ON THE FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL: "There's a lot of information published by the Family Research Council out of Washington, D.C., and they offer a lot of very helpful resources on homosexuality.... It's important to read these things so that you have informational, non-hysterical things to read so you can make informed decisions.... I don't recommend many organizations -- certainly not as highly as I recommend them -- for factual information and intelligent points of view and intelligent arguments. With, I should add, absolutely no name-calling. How is that possible? That's because they have intelligent things to say -- and they're not mean." (Aug. 24, 1999)

Editor's note: The "Britain" example Mr. Knight gives above was not an effort to sanction pedophilia, as Mr. Knight implies, but in fact was an effort to bring the gay age of consent in the UK (now 18) IN LINE WITH the heterosexual age of consent (which is only 16). Are these the kind of "intelligent arguments" we have to look forward to?

March 20, 2000


Action, one of the nation's premiere AIDS advocacy organizations, has called on Paramount today to drop the Dr. Laura show, after concerns have beenraised that Dr. Laura's message about HIV is "uninformed".

TUESDAY PROTEST AT PARAMOUNT Tuesday morning (March 21st) is our protest at the gates of Paramount in Hollywood. It's at 8:30AM PST at 5555 Melrose Avenue (corner of Melrose and Windsor). There will be a ton of people, with pre-made signs - so if you get there early you can even get your own sign! And if you can't be in LA on Tuesday, please visit our Web site again, and use Tuesday to call the senior execs at Paramount and lodge your protest by phone and fax - we've just posted on our home page additional direct phone and fax lines for another 10 top execs at Paramount.


It's amazing that what started as a bit of bad publicity for Paramount has turned into a virtual torrent. In addition to all the bad press in Time, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, the LA Times, the NY Times, etc., - and in addition to the 7m hits our Web site has gotten, as well as the almost 15,000 emails that have been sent to Paramount via our site - look at how much worse things have gotten for Paramount in the last week alone.

1. Dr. Laura recanted on her apology.
2. GLAAD broke off talks with Paramount and called for the show to be dropped.
3. joined our protest, calling Dr. Laura's words "bigotry."
4. Susan Sarandon endorsed our Web site.
5. Far-right-winger Brent Bozzell has said that our protests are not infringing on Dr. Laura's rights to free speech (i.e., defending us).
6. The ACLU agreed that our protests are not impinging on Dr. Laura's rights.
7. Big-time Paramount exec David Lee, the Executive Producer of 'Frasier', has agreed to speak at the protest tomorrow. Lee has been quite outspoken about Paramount needing to drop Dr. Laura.
8. We ran a full-page ad in Variety last Thursday announcing the protest.
9. GLAAD, HRC, PFLAG, MCC, and other big gay poo-bahs will now be at the protest as well.
10. The head of entertainment for all of NBC implicitly criticized Paramount in today's LA Times.

As for the protest itself, as I've already mentioned, there's quite a celebrity line-up of Hollywood big-wigs and gay political leaders scheduled to speak (see below). Cameras from Access Hollywood, ABC News, and the local stations will be there. I just saw on CNN today that they'll be reporting on it tomorrow as well. READ A GREAT LA TIMES STORY Don't miss today's front-page Los Angeles Times story on the protest - it's excellent.

WEIGH IN ON A DR. LAURA POLL You might also want to weigh in on the poll about Dr. Laura's show - you can find the poll at (full disclosure - I'm running the US Politics Web site there now, it's my poll, so feel free to drop by and check out the entire site)

SPEAKERS AT TUESDAY'S PROTEST INCLUDE: David Lee, Executive Producer, "Frasier" Gwen Baldwin, Executive Director, LA Gay & Lesbian Center Peter Teague, Executive Director, The Horizons Foundation Rev. Troy Perry, Moderator, United Federation of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC) Joan Garry, Executive Director, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Rabbi Denise Eger, Congregation Kol Ami Steve Martin, West Hollywood City Councilman Barry Karas, Board Member, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Carol Anderson, Southern California co-chair of CAPE (California Alliance for Pride & Equality-our State LGBT lobbing organization) Lynette Sperber - LA Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG) Dr. Sylvia Rhue, Ph.D. Robin Tyler, Veteran Activist and Coordinator of the Protest,

March 15, 2000


In a rather surprising move, Dr. Laura came out today and took back her "apology" she made last Friday. GLAAD, who's been trying to negotiate with Paramount, finally has had it with Paramount and Dr. Laura, and has issued a press release calling for Paramount to drop the show. The timing couldn't be better, with our full-page ad running in Variety on Thursday, and our protest at Paramount next Tuesday. This means all out war between the gay community and Paramount, and Paramount just lost the only friend they had (GLAAD).

Plans for the Tuesday March 21st 8:30-10:30 a.m. protest at the gates of Paramount are moving ahead nicely - and talk about the additional energy now that Dr. Laura has taken back her apology! We had a great planning meeting in LA last night, and are getting tons of emails from people planning on attending not just from LA, but from as far away as Florida! The Web site is still chugging along - we're at 5.5m hits today (the 2-week mark), and the site has been used to send over 12,000 emails to Paramount. And if you think you're not getting their attention, think again. I was contacted yesterday by some with UPN, a sister company of Paramount, complaining that too many people are contacting them about the Dr. Laura show, when in fact they are not Paramount Television. Considering we didn't even send people their way, it's amazing that they're getting that many calls and emails - it means that Paramount TV must be getting even more.

We also have launched plans for a "virtual vigil" to be held on the same day as the protest, March 21. We're asking folks to send a PROTEST PICTURE along with their name, city/state and a quick quote to We'll send free t-shirts to the best 5 entries we get - BUT, you HAVE to send us a photo with you protesting in some way, perhaps holding up a protest sign, or even wearing your own StopDrLaura t-shirt. For more info on the virtual vigil, click here.

A small tease: an Academy-Award winning celebrity has graciously agreed to add their photo and quote to our home page. We can't tell you who, yet, but you'll be reading about it in Thursday's papers, and I think you’ll be impressed…

Coming attractions: A lot of you have been asking about the other TV stations airing Dr. Laura's show. We have a list of them, and will be posting them shortly. In addition, after Tuesday's protest, we'll be broadening the target list even beyond the other stations that have agreed to syndicate Dr. Laura’s TV show. As of next Tuesday, any company that decides to sponsor the Dr. Laura TV show will be prominently featured on our well-visited home page our site got over 800,000 hits yesterday alone - with appropriate links to let them know how you feel.

And finally, those darn t-shirts. Come on folks. You know you want one. Go back to our home page, click on the t-shirt picture, and buy your own t-shirt (in black or white) from our good friends at Don't Panic. Don't Panic is donating all the profits to (in case you didn't realize, we're all doing this for free). With the March on Washington coming up, you might as well get one for that - in April, Washington, DC is already well into springtime, and the weather is beautiful.

Thanks again for everything, and if you can, give Paramount another phone call - I've received reports that the religious right has published Paramount's phone number and is asking their supporters to call the studio and save Dr. Laura. And now that Dr. Laura is back on the anti-gay wagon, we need to call Paramount one more time and say "enough is enough."

March 10, 2000

SPECIAL UPDATE: PROTEST PARAMOUNT ON MARCH 21! joined the California-based Horizons Foundation today in announcing a day of protest on Tuesday March 21st at the gates of Paramount Television. As you know, Paramount TV intends to air the Dr. Laura TV show this fall. The protest will be from 8:30a.m. until 10:30a.m., just in time to catch Chairman Kerry McCluggage, Co-President Frank Kelly, and all the other execs on their way in to work. Please tell all of your friends, and be sure to check back here for frequent updates on the protest (within a few days, we'll have a special section devoted to the protest).

In other news, we're well over 3m hits on the Web site, and we've sold over 400 t-shirts. If you're in California and can attend the protest, please consider buying a t-shirt to wear that day, and even if can't attend, the more t-shirt you folks buy the more people will stop you on the street and ask what the shirt is all about. In terms of news coverage, we're doing a ton of radio interviews, and got more press in the Connecticut papers and elsewhere. And a fun little aside, a number of militant fundamentalist lobbying groups are now demanding their own meeting with Paramount, with a number of "ex-gays" in tow. If I were Paramount, I'd cancel this program fast, because there's nothing like the radical right crowd to really get our folks enraged and engaged.

Click here to read our press release announcing the protest.

March 9, 2000

The Paramount public relations debacle rolls on... Today, we crossed the 3m hit mark on our Web site. Great articles came out in Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine, and People reported that Dr. Laura had to hire a crisis management team to handle the onslaught of bad PR. The local press around the country and beyond is now picking up the story - articles have appeared in Calgary, Milwaukee, we were on the NPR affiliate in Wisconsin, CNet Radio, and more. A prominent California Rabbi has added her quote and testimonial to our home page, as has Web-cam king Sean Patrick of

And the biggest news: this week in Los Angeles, and across the country, members of the lesbian and gay community, and members of national organizations are meeting to plan massive protests at the gates of Paramount and at local Paramount and CBS stations nationwide. Be sure to check back here frequently so that we can let you know where they are and when, and how you can participate. is committed to keeping the heat on Paramount, with your help!

March 8, 2000

The anti-Paramount bandwagon keeps rolling. The Web site is now at well over 2.5 million hits, in only one week, and we got over 650,000 hits just yesterday! Dr. Laura's fans have been speaking out in her defense, and we found their words so moving we decided to devote a new page on the site exclusively to them. The t-shirts are moving along nicely - we sold 100 of them in our first day, but hope you folks will buy more (why not get some for the March on Washington next month, or as a gift for a friend?). In terms of media, the New York Daily News ran a great piece today, and Entertainment Weekly should come out with a story tomorrow, along with People magazine on Friday. In addition, published a blistering quarter-page ad in the op-ed section of today's New York Times - the ad calls Dr. Laura the "Queen of Hate."

As for Paramount, we've added new fax numbers for the top two execs, and have found a direct line to the co-president of Paramount Domestic Television, Frank Kelly. We're also now asking everyone to contact KPIX-TV in San Francisco. KPIX is one of the stations that will be running Dr. Laura's talk show in the fall. Please give them a call, email, fax and letter, and let them know your feelings. (We'll be expanding this list shortly, but why not focus all our energies on one station to be more efficient). All in all, a really impressive effort by all of you in the online and offline community - thanks everyone.

March 6, 2000

Lots of updates today, folks. Our t-shirts are now live on the site and for sale - proceeds go to help finance this pro bono effort, and frankly they're just cool! The New York Times today ran a great story about the Dr. Laura controversy, saying that Paramount is being "besieged" by phone calls and emails - good work everyone. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is in the midst of voting on a resolution critical of Dr. Laura and of the local TV station that's planning on airing her show (see the updated alert at left). San Francisco Supervisors Tom Ammiano, Mark Leno and Leslie Katz are adding quotes and pictures to our virtual testimonials on the home page. And former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder asked today if she could be added as well! And finally, the site is at 1.7m hits!

March 5, 2000

In its first four days of operation, the Web site got 1.4 million hits. Our most recent press hits include Access Hollywood, USA Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, and prepare for some big media hits next week. Thanks for everyone's help in making this online campaign against intolerance a tremendous far. We still need to convince Paramount that double standards on civil rights issues are never acceptable. To date, Paramount is showing signs of strain. Their employees have admitted that they're getting inundated with phone calls, and they even had to unlist the phone number of one of their top executives after we targeted him for calls. Actually, as a funny aside, some callers have reported that the employees tasked to answer the phones have admitted that they actually agreed that Paramount should drop Dr. Laura!

In other news, openly-gay screenwriter/director Christopher Landon has graciously added his photo and quote to our home page. [For folks who may not have realized, when you click on the people's photos on the home page, you get a virtual testimonial that's extremely cool - check it out.] The SF Chronicle reported yesterday that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will be taking up a resolution critical of Dr. Laura, which is sure to only add fuel to the controversy. And with the vote on the anti-gay Knight Initiative taking place in CA on Tuesday March 7, pro-gay tensions in California are only going to rise. If I were Paramount, for the next six months I'd go on a LONG vacation. Perhaps we should mail them brochures for Sandals Resorts in Jamaica and the Bahamas? You know, the one that bans gay couples.

To date we've been targeting two of Paramount Television's top executives - Frank Kelly and Kerry McCluggage. As Paramount has decided to unlist the phone number of Frank Kelly, we're now referring people's complaints to Michelle Hunt, their media relations person. Please keep calling Paramount Chairman Kerrey McCluggage at phone (323) 956-5076 - it's the direct line to his office. But also start a new round of calls to Michelle Hunt at phone 323-956-8266, fax 323-862-1323, email

Yes, it's true. Within a very short time, you too can get your own t-shirt. I'm not gonna spill the beans too far on this one, yet, but there will be a couple of versions, they won't be expensive, they will be fabulous, and you'll be able to buy them online. The proceeds will go towards financing our efforts to continue this battle (as you all may know, we've all have other jobs, and have been doing this for free on our own time, and dime, including construction and maintenance of the Web site). Just imagine the faces of the Paramount Execs when they see our t-shirts walking around downtown LA.