“I am disgusted that a woman like Dr. Laura continues to promote prejudice, and ignorance in her daily talk show and now faces a TV Show to spout her discrimination. As a mother of a gay son, whom I love very much, I protest. Her continued bigotry promotes the people who harass, beat and kill the Matthew Shepards of the world and the Kenneth Brewers and the Jill Siedels of Hawaii.”
- Carolyn in Hawaii
  “I'm a real doctor! ‘Dr. Laura’ is a fake. Worst of all, she is a misinformed, prejudiced, demagogue not to mention a homophobe…Get her off the air. ‘Alternative views on social matters’ is one thing; demagoguery sponsored by a major American media company is another.”
- James in California
  “Which is more likely, that God made a mistake when making homosexual people, or that Dr. Laura made a mistake when calling homosexuality a mistake?”
- Lisa in Chicago
  “This show needs to be PULLED and CANCELLED immediately. There is no reason to allow this Lady to add fuel to fire, to offend Gay and Lesbian Americans who live good lives, work side by side with you and others, who are NOT, Not molesting children as Dr. Laura claims. Planting this kind of thinking in people's minds only puts ideas into people who then act out in deeds what they think.”
- Bob in Maryland
  “Have ratings really become more important than human dignity? In an age where many prominent newscasters, sports figures, and the like have been fined and/or fired for derogatory speech towards minorities or homosexuals, you are actually considering giving a national TV forum to a known homophobe like Dr. Laura? I am an openly gay man. Dr. Laura has never met me, yet considers me a biological mistake. She has used that term on more than one occasion. And many other derogatory terms, yet she ignores years of research that debunk all of her homophobic rhetoric. I have no agenda. I am not a pedophile. I just want to live my life as I was born, yet people like Dr. Laura would prefer I go back into the closet to protect her idea of normalcy.”
- Dennis in Virginia
  “I have gay friends and a gay brother-in-law, and I'm appalled that Dr. Schlessinger would be allowed to inundate the airwaves with her unfounded views such as calling my friends and brother-in-law biological freaks and pedophiles. By allowing her show to go on, you're doing nobody any favors, but only contributing to the atmosphere of hate toward gays and lesbians. I wouldn't be surprised if we see more Matthew Shepards and Barry Winchell in the future with the intolerant climate the media seems to be so keen to maintain.”
- Lorena
  “I am writing about Dr. Laura’s new show that your company is putting on. I am a gay man living in Chicago and I find it deeply troubling that you are giving someone with highly inflammatory views on gays and lesbians such a forum - her views are not shared by other mental health professionals and in the aim of entertaining you could actually hurt people. This is what happened on the Jenny Jones show, when a man was killed when he admitted he had a crush on the guy.”
- Kelly in Chicago
  “Dr. Laura also converted to Orthodox Judaism and is giving Judaism a bad name by diffusing her messages of hate, which is not a Jewish thing. Judaism calls this "lashan hara", the transgression of the evil-tongue.”
- James
  “We're giving Dr. Laura her own TV show, in which she can teach us that gays are a biological mistake. How many more people will be motivated to erase a living human being because an authority figure tells them that the person shouldn't exist? How many more murderers will say that it was God's will? How many more teenagers will come out to their parents in their suicide notes? If Dr. Laura were preaching this kind of hatred for any other minority group, she would have been taken off the air long ago. But because rejecting, attacking, and killing gays is so much more popular than abuse of other groups, she gets a TV show.”
- Lisa in Illinois
  “You would never promote someone who said the hateful things about Jews, Blacks, Women, or other minorities that Schlessinger has said about Gays. Why the double standard?”
- Lou
  “Why on earth would a ‘captain of industry’ such as Paramount act so irresponsibly. Her diatribes if anything, should be shielded from children and other innocent and emotionally fragile individuals rather than be broadcast on national television.”
- Ben in Florida
  “Please do not give Dr. Laura a TV platform, from which to spout intolerance and hate. I am a college-level English teacher who has read more papers from wounded gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (glbt) young people than I ever wanted. These are the glbt youth who made it through homophobic high schools. Imagine the countless others who did not! Words really can be weapons, and Dr. Laura is well armed with brutal statements for the glbt community. While the murderers of Mathew Shepherd and Brandon Teena are behind bars, it is time to look closely at a society that produces killers who feel they are ‘doing God's work’ by taking the lives of innocent glbt people.” Rae in Hawaii
- Rae in Hawaii
  “It cuts me to the heart that we live in a world that spends so much time on such negative activities as attacking people because of their colour, religion, sexual preference etc. Come to Australia where you will welcomed without prejudice. I don't pretend that we are perfect but we certainly don't have to endure such abuse.”

- Gary in Australia